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Every T3-Direct IT & Software Sales Appointment We Set For You is 100% Guaranteed & Triple Verified.


An Audio Recording of the Decision Maker is Sent to You Before You Decide to Attend a T3-Direct IT or Software Sales Appointment!


What does this mean to You?
  It means you never have to buy IT & Software sales appointments or face to face meetings until you hear a recording of the decision maker saying they want to have a 20 minute sales meeting with you.
  It means if you don't like the way the decision makers sounds or don't think their company is a fit for you, YOU DON'T PAY FOR THE APPOINTMENT, simply decline the meeting.
  It means you don't need to spend an hour driving to another no-show appointment.
It means you spend more time closing and less time prospecting.


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If you need Guaranteed IT & Software Sales Appointments then T3 Direct Marketing is the easy answer.

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